The Objectives of the PAL is to bring Light, Peace, Hope and Love to all and everyone by the pursuance of some fundamental principles:

a) Total respect for the diversity of others, considered as a fundamental basis for lasting peace. The diversity that we see in nature and in men, both in form and in the minds, is a wonderful product that enriches the Creation and of great value. Diversity, especially in opinions and beliefs should be respected and protected, and never imposed a one-sided view, in full respect for what the Creation wanted, which is brotherhood among men all different one from another, but all united in Love and Peace. Equality therefore, not as approval of a shapeless mass (equal only in consumption), but equality of rights in the respect of diversity and in pursuance of the Common Good, the real and ultimate purpose of our life on earth and for which, according to the our concept, we can all work together, with no more wars or fights but each-one expressing his/her heart in the simplest way. In fact this is the advent of a new era, what we might call the era of consciousness, but to be understood not as self-judgment, instead as the spontaneous following of the voice of our heart which tells us to love everything and everyone.

b) Love for those who suffer and for those in need, feeling great empathy for disadvantaged and for those who ask for help.

c) The passing by of the concept of competitiveness (which is now celebrated in economics but that assumes the competition and then the fight with winners and losers) to arrive to the concept of cooperation, spontaneous aggregation of civic consciousness and deep mutual aid

d) The love for nature, our mother and for animals, our silent brothers, that we must protect and help and never misuse, in order to achieve true harmony on the planet.

e) The unconditional and mutual help among people of good will with love and brotherhood

f) The development of local communities as an essential means to decentralize the coordination of public management.

g) The openness to new forms of living beings that can interact with us from different worlds, both physical and spiritual, perhaps all different but all aggregated by the Universal Love that creates everything, all the time.

h) The Party does not want to suggest a "unique way of thinking", but instead a peaceful and harmonious environment where everyone can express himself

i) The party thinks that no one can govern others and that, as the case may be, the members of the political scenario should be the first servants of the community, with a temporary role as logistics coordinators and on behalf of the population they serve, for a sincere and lasting Peace in centuries.

j) The Party's tendency is to look constantly to the pursuit of the supreme good, the ultimate and infinite goal of all our lives, through the attainment of the common social and civic good, in a constant process of improvement, peace, unity and joy. The objectives of the Party are then projected into the future and in the spiritual evolution of humanity as a whole, recognizing that only through effort (albeit gentle and harmonious) to act in love and not by selfishness, greed and fear, it can be attained the continuous improvement of living conditions of all.

k) The Party therefore proposes the abolition of the system of government based on "leaders" instead favoring the Councils of Sages, wise men of recognized highest ethical and human value, inspired to take collective decisions for the highest ideals of mutual help and peaceful co-existence between people.

l) Direct Democracy, therefore, shared and felt by all, in which public officers shall give prove of great nobility: never more individual decision-makers on the shoulders of others, but helping each other in the choices for the Common Good. Conversion therefore of military expenses and devolution of their budgets for growth, environment protection and prosperity