The Party of Love and Light (PAL) is a political movement in pursuance of the ideal collaboration between people of good will to achieve the common good, cooperation with the most disadvantaged countries, mutual aid, brotherhood and the harmony between man, nature and the environment.

The Central Committee of the PAL is in Italy The PAL symbol is a white dove with outspread wings turned westward, with a sprig of flower in its beak and flanked by the letters written in the "PARTY OF LOVE AND LIGHT" and "FOR A BETTER EARTH"

The PAL is organized democratically and is open to all faiths, beliefs and religions, inspired by the harmony of all men under the blue sky of Reason and in listening to their soul and their own consciousness.

PAL aims to give voice to the many movements of consciousness that are being developed everywhere and make it so difficult to identify in the traditional parties The movements of consciousness to the Common Good and very motivated individuals feel sometimes excluded from political life, because they feel not adequately represented People are turning away from traditional political parties because they see the failure: the current economic crisis demonstrates the collapse of the old system based on parties, fighting for a chair well-paid rather than working for the attainment of the Common Good Then the fundamental question: "Why to become a political party, it was not enough to be a movement of consciousness? "; PAL responds as follows: Being a movement of consciousness is beautiful but sometimes it’s unable to express itself in public affairs, for the pursuance of the common good, while it is through politics that our society expresses its preferences on how to legally manage the collective wellbeing. Let's be clear: we do not speak of a political "party" in the sense in which the various parties battle for a seat in the government: instead we talk about politics in the sense of public management, which must match for us, as the management of the common good, without which it can be neither peace nor development, but only unrest and arrogant antagonism.

Instead, through the pursuance of common good, that is the joy, harmony and brotherhood among peoples (which begins with the brotherhood among fellow citizens and neighbors) we can achieve a lasting peace and sustainable social, ethical and spiritual development of the new era of consciousness, in which we are entering.

The PAL organizational development consists in three legal steps:

First Phase: THE CONSTITUTION OF PAL National Organizing Committee The first stage involves the establishment of PAL associations (now already active in Italy) preparatory to the notaries act for the formal establishment as political party in the various Countries in which PAL desires to work, basically at European level. This phase involves the creation of a Non-Profit Association with no cost (National PAL Committees) for each Country in which the party wishes to become a political entity. And is logical to assume that the minimum number of members to form a National Committee should be about 70 units at least.

Second Phase: TRANSITION FROM ASSOCIATIONS TO PARTY The second phase (includes the signing of notaries acts (one for each nation, in accordance with national laws on political parties), making it possible to run the party in a legal manner for the purposes of elections and to express candidates both at national and local level. As soon as the national committees have collect a minimum of resources to pay the notaries a wonderful network of love and light will be empowered to act as a legal party.

The National Committees (or National Sections), shall bear the full name followed by the corresponding translated acronym, for example:

ITALY: Partito dell’Amore e della Luce (PAL)

ENGLAND: Party of Love and Light (PAL)

FRANCE: Parti de l'Amour et de la Lumière (PAL)

SPAIN: Partido del Amor y de la Luz (PAL)

GERMANY: Partei von Liebe und Licht (PAL)

GREECE: Κόμμα της Αγάπης και του Φωτός (PAL)

DANMARK: Partij van Liefde en Licht (PAL)

HOLLAND: Partij van Liefde en Licht (PAL)

PORTUGAL: Partido de Amor e Luz (PAL)

Third Phase: General Assemblies for dialogue and expression of candidates for local elections. This third stage involves the comparison of PAL national social, ethical and political targets with the intent to create a widespread solidarity and a deep sharing of the deepest goal of PAL: contribute to the Common Good of all and everyone.

It is hoped the formation of a National Assembly in any Country on an annual basis, after a few months after the birth of the PAL office as a political party as well a General Assembly of Delegates of all the National Sections, at least once a year.