Membership to the PAL is free from any constraint and implies acceptance of the Statutes. Proposals will be evaluated for membership by the General Council of the PAL and, once approved, will be notified to the new member.


The PAL accepts donations only if done with the heart, because for us money is an instrument to build noble initiatives.
However, we invite you to join only if you really motivated to contribute to the pursuit of the common good, not for selfish or personal interests, since it is a political movement on the basis of consciousness, ethics and goodness of heart.

If you feel motivated to join, please fill out the contact form with your data and copy and paste in it  the goodwill Declaration: I hereby declare that I have read the statutes PAL and I pledge to respect and observe it with the highest consciousness, ethics and spirit of service. I declare that I participate to the PAL to contribute to the collective good, with no hidden or personal interests and I declare a willingness to maintain a life worthy of honor and esteem. I authorize the processing of personal data under the current laws and regulations in force.